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Connecting Series 

As the Winter Solstice approaches so does the Great Saturn-Jupiter Great Conjunction of 2020. We asked Night Sky Guide & Interpreter James Van Leeuwen to share some information and tips with us as well as answer some questions from the community.

In this informative video James covers many topics including the alignment of the planets, what you can expect to see in the night skies, the moon of Jupiter & Saturn, information about binoculars & telescopes, answers some questions and even shares his meteorite collection with us!

Here in Pincher Creek Southern Alberta the best viewing potential will be tonight, Sunday December 20th Make sure you're outside as the sun sets by 5:00-5:30pm looking towards the South Western Skies. We should be able to view this rare sight best between 5:30 and 7pm. 
Filmed on a windy day in the Pincher Creek Allied Arts Council Gallery in the Historic Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Thanks for tuning in! 

Want a little more information? James provided this link with even more details for your reading pleasure:  Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 2020

02:17 Allignment in the Skies

08:07 What Will You See?

14:48 Moons of Saturn & Jupiter

19:43 Binoculars & Telescopes

27:50 Questions

28:18 Where do Meterorites Come From & Where Do They Land? Where do they go?

32:40 Real Meteroites!

41:31 What is the Star of Bethlehem?

46:25 Final Thoughts & Tips

We reached out to local Musician Tynan Groves based out of the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta and asked if he would like to help us spread some holiday cheer with us this year! Tynan and his daughter Sophia shared two beautiful instrumental songs with us safely filmed in their home. 


Thank you to Tynan and Sophia for sharing your talents with the community and donating your time to the Pincher Creek Allied Arts Council this year! We truly appreciate it! 

Early on a very windy Pincher Creek Morning David Green visited us in the historic Lebel Mansion Gallery to share a Christmas Tale with us. David is an active member of many organizations in the community and has been a part of the Pincher Creek Allied Arts Council since the beginning. 


A 30 Ton Christmas Memory is a story from his childhood Christmas in 1953 right here in Pincher Creek Alberta. Thank to to David for joining us and sharing your story with the community!


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