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How to Access
the Ceramics Studio

Who can access the Lebel Mansion Ceramics Studio?

Individuals over the age of 18 who have taken a pottery workshop (here or elsewhere) and who can demonstrate their clay experience are welcome to attend a studio orientation with our Executive Director, Stacey McRae. 

Get in touch to attend our next Studio Orientation 


Drop In Access

The Ceramics Studio is open for scheduled, drop in hours which coincide with Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek business hours and scheduled programs. 


An up to date studio schedule will be available online and in the Ceramics Studio.

Drop In Fees

The 2024 Studio drop in fee is just $10 a day, and can be paid when you arrive, with no long term commitment or yearly fees required. 

Take a look at the schedule, stop in and say hello to a friendly face in the gift shop to pay your fee and then head to the studio for a day of creative flow.


What's Included

Studio Users have access to a wide array of common tools and equipment when visiting the ceramics studio. 

The studio is equipped with a slab roller, canvas topped tables, eight pottery wheels, a plaster slab, drywall boards and wood bats. 

A selection of glazes are available for studio users and classes. 

Kiln Firings and Fees

Kiln Firings are managed and coordinated by Allied Arts Council staff, taking into consideration workshop schedules. 


Firing fees are charged on a regular basis in addition to the drop in fee. Firing fees will vary with each kiln load, as they are calculated based on the amount of items and space they take during each firing.


Individuals who drop off work for firing only will be charged a processing fee equal to the cost of one studio visit. 


Still to come in 2024

The AAC is grateful for support from the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta Varley Fund of Rural Life.  

This funding will help us grow studio access as we work towards offering drop in times for young people who are seeking more opportunities to be in the studio. 

If you are a parent of a Junior Guild Participant who wants more time in the studio please reach out!

Clay for Purchase

The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek sources clay for all of our classes and programs. 

Clay is also available to the community for purchase. 

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With generous support from the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta through the Varley Fund for Rural Life Grant, The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek is transitioning the Lebel Mansion Ceramics Studio to a drop in model. 

For many years, the AAC, alongside a dedicated group of volunteers, has established the ceramics studio in the Lebel Mansion into a community hub for creativity.


Now, with help from the Varley Fund, the AAC is opening up the access of the studio for the benefit of the whole community.  In the past few years, we've had increased requests to use the studio which is a positive reflection of the community fostered at the AAC. In order to accomodate the increase in demand and provide increased access, the studio operating model is going through an overhaul. 

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Thank you for your support! 

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