The Book Is The Land Is The Self- Ann Mansolino July 2nd- August 27th 2022 


The AAC invites you to visit the Gallery on Saturday, August 6th from 2:00 to 4:00pm for an opportunity to meetAnn Mansolino and learn more about her work and the intentions behind it. 

Artist Statement
In my artwork, I explore the relationship between the internal self and external ideas of place through
the creation of handmade books that combine photography, writing, and bookbinding.


I am interested in exploring the ways in which the landscape and natural environment can help us understand
ourselves – as metaphors for our emotions and psychology, as well as expressions of our more literal
relationship to nature and the larger world we inhabit. Through the combination of image, text, and
experimental binding techniques in my book projects, I call attention to landforms themselves, the
need for preservation and conservation, and the ways that the landscape reflects internal experience.
By taking the time to closely observe, record, and reflect upon the features of the natural world – from
icebergs to glaciers to skies to mountains to deserts – we can learn to see ourselves and the land as
components of a larger whole, to gain a greater understanding of ourselves, and to respect and
preserve the world we are a part of.




My interest in exploring connections between self and place is rooted in my experience of having
relocated many times (I’ve lived and worked in six different countries, and just became a permanent
resident of Canada in 2020) and traveled extensively through many other unfamiliar landscapes and
cultures. The need to orient myself to a place – to understand who I am where I am right now, and to
seek a sense of belonging in the changing places I find myself – has long been a significant concern
in both my art and my life.

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