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March and April 2024 in the Gallery

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Grey Area by Twinkle Banerjee  March 9th- April 24th, 2024

Artist Statement


For the last 10 years, as I moved between cities, I noticed large populations living in spaces mostly built of concrete. This insidious substance has shaped the contours of cities as diverse as Mumbai, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, and Moscow. But for the inhabitants of these dense urban places, for whom daily life revolves around the same familiar streets and structures, the vegetation that crops up in and around the margins of buildings and sidewalks offers visual relief and mental respite from the great grey mazes we occupy.

Locked down, sheltering in a place like so many in the time of a worldwide pandemic, the restrictions of my movement—day after day—inspired a series of observations: an intensification of the contrast between the built environment and nature (if it can still be called that), and where people fit.

My process began by collecting indigenous plant materials that are now deemed as weeds, from the fringes of the concrete neighbourhoods. I then went on to create cameraless images (photograms) by placing these plants on chemistry-coated photo paper in the darkroom. The objective was to create specimen-like images as a stark reminder of the extinction and the loss of green spaces that most cities in the world are facing today.

About the Artist 


Twinkle Banerjee (She/Her) is an Indian-Canadian visual artist, who works primarily with photography and moving images. Her work explores social issues such as generational trauma, BIPOC identity, globalization, and human rights. Understanding the pressure put on BIPOC artists to create trauma-related work, she also tries balancing her practice with introspective experiments creating poetic imagery. 

She has exhibited in the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, and Armenia, has been published in Berlin by the prestigious Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation, and featured on CBC. In 2021 her work "Characters of Memorial Park" was part of an exhibition and publication at the ICP-New York and was exhibited in 2022 at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Her most recent exhibition was at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

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