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Cerulean Threads by Krisztina Wood  January 6th- February 24th, 2024

We invite you to join us in the AAC gallery on Saturday, January 6th from 2-4pm to celebrate our first gallery exhibition of 2024, Cerulean Threads. We look forward to seeing you. 

Artist Statement

Mostly I paint without premeditation.
The paintings are always spontaneous,
abstract and without concept. Only when

I am finished, am I able to understand
t they represent.
This was the case with the current
collection of abstract landscapes/or
not-landscapes. This is NOT a landscape

I’ve never really given much thought to
aging. Always looked at the process with
the most gracious acceptance. But this
year (2023), turning 50, has made me
feel all kinds of ways. I couldn’t tell
you why. But perhaps I could paint it,
and by painting I could make sense of
all the changes-because when one is
lucky enough to get this far, the body
will be changing. The brain will too,
and I admit that it’s quite scary.
I wanted to mark this waypoint in life
by doing something big, in order to
process what I’m going through. Maybe go
for a 100 mile hike? Or do other crazy
things people do? Whilst trying to
figure out how to celebrate, I am
realizing I have already begun marking
it my way, by painting it.
Although the images are abstract, at
first there was a hint at landscapes.
Now they are evolving, getting looser,
messier, freer, as different media are
explored. And the feeling of that
acceptance is slowly returning.

So this body of work becomes a metaphor
for my milestone. It is abstract and
messy, just like a well-lived life; on a
tiny, intimate scale.

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Grey Area by Twinkle Banerjee   March- April, 2024

Twinkle Banerjee (She/Her) is an Indian-Canadian visual artist, who works primarily with photography and moving images. Her work explores social issues such as generational trauma, BIPOC identity, globalization, and human rights. Understanding the pressure put on BIPOC artists to create trauma-related work, she also tries balancing her practice with introspective experiments creating poetic imagery. 

She has exhibited in the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, and Armenia, has been published in Berlin by the prestigious Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation, and featured on CBC. In 2021 her work "Characters of Memorial Park" was part of an exhibition and publication at the ICP-New York and was exhibited in 2022 at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Her most recent exhibition was at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

 ❤ 💔 ❤  by Kenzie Housego   May-June, 2024

Join us for an opening reception with the Artist in Attendance on Saturday, May 11th from 2-4pm

in the AAC gallery.


Kenzie Housego recently completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Calgary specializing in new media. As a multidisciplinary artist her practice includes fibre, new media, sculpture, and assemblage mediums. The use of technology such as LEDs, micro-controllers, texting, and screens within her research is symbolic of the virtual realms in which we participate as a society. The virtual encompasses social media platform activity, online personas, online dating, and online branding. The digital world has become ubiquitous in communication, shaping contemporary society, particularly in relation to online representation. It's important to her artwork always offers an invitation for interactivity, encouraging viewers to shift from passive observers to active co-producers as they engage with the digital media, experience other points of view, and ultimately, form their own individual meanings.
In 2013 Housego also is founded of PHI (ph - “I”) a new-media collective focusing on performance, wearable art, and wearable technology. Interested in the crossroads between art, fashion, and technology. Since its formation PHI has had the opportunity to showcase their performative wearable art/tech collections nationally and internationally at Beakerhead festival in Calgary, Rome MakerFaire, MakerFaire Bay Area in California, Fashionwear New York, CES Vegas, Xiamen Fashion Week, China, CES ASIA, Shanghai, China, Dublin Ireland, and at a two-week art residency in Shenzhen, China.
Housego lives and works on Treaty 7 Territory, in Mohkinstsis/Calgary.

Symbiosis webcover (2).png

Symbiosis by Terra Simieritch and Janifer Calvez   July-August, 2024

Artist Statement 


As both artists and scientists, we observe the natural world in a way that is both capturing the essence of the beauty we see, and analyzing the species and relationships we observe in our adventures and in our own backyards. 

Terra: My artistic process is inspired by a profound appreciation of the wild spaces and creatures I encounter in my daily life and in my imagination. I enjoy taking these inspirations and layering drawings and acrylic paint with a variety of papers to create mixed media work that is both an accurate representation of specific species, with the added whimsy of the decorative patterns of the paper. Bringing the creativity of various types of paper from my collection, allows me to get out of my ‘science brain’ and into a space where I can think beyond what I observe and match the colours and patterns to a creature or plant’s personality.

Janifer- My artistic practice is inspired by the expansive natural landscapes that surround me, as well as the glimmers in our daily lives which we often overlook if we forget to notice, such as the colours in the land and sky, the flower or insect on the plant, or a connection from a friend. I use colour, linear movement and whimsy as I lay down and layer my paint to convey my impressions of how I interpret the world around me, striving to encourage a connection to a time and place.

Time Pieces by Nikki Sirett   September- October 2024

Nikki Sirett is an artist living in Saskatoon, SK. Sh received her BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC in 2015, and moved to Saskatchewan in 2021. She is known for her large-scale sidewalk chalk drawings, and hyper-detailed abstract drawings. 

2024 Juried Members Exhibition   November- December 2024

Once again the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek invites our membership to submit their work for our annual juried members exhibition. 

A beautiful, growing tradition, 2024 will mark the third annual group members show. This is a great chance to highlight and celebrate the work of so many talented artists who support the arts in Pincher Creek.


2024 Submission packages will be released in the coming months- stay tuned!

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