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- a digital maker space for youth 

- an opportunity to shape and evolve creativity- to enhance individual skill sets 

- a safe personalized space dedicated to exploring realms of opportunity

- a place where desired content can be accessed and utilized

- a place to learn and ask questions!

WHY would YOUTH want to be a part of the RCADE team @ The Lebel?


**RCADE is a resource-

A place to gain a sense of purpose and personal identity

To embrace individualism- In an undefined, unique, and authentic setting. 

Programs designed to expose strengths and weaknesses,

allowing youth to find comfort in challenge.

Increasing one's ability to pursue passions and interests confidently

While developing an awareness of the guidance and support that is present within their community.

Its an open-ended opportunity to:

- Innovate, collaborate, create

- Engage with peers

- Appreciate differences, strengths and weaknesses- to pursue further personal development 

- Challenge the mind

- Create one's self 

**RCADE is technologically based and future oriented .

RCADE programs are sculpted by youth involvement - We are inclusive to your ideas and interests!


Pincher Creek RCADE (‘arcade’) is an arena for creativity, akin to an arena for athletics (think ‘hockey’). 


A place for exploring, developing and mentoring creative talents and skills with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, individually and collaboratively.


A place for applying talents and skills to building better lives, better communities, better businesses and a better regional economy.


A place for building a better future. 

~James Van Leeuwan