Natural Soap Bars 

By Willow Valley Soapworks


Luscious Lavender Seaweed

Emollient Bar

Ingredients: saponified canola, coconut & palm oils, beeswax, ratanjot & orris root powder, nori, glycerin, lavender petals, lavender essential oil.


Patchouli Swirl 

Ingredients: saponified canola, coconut & palm oil, beeswax, orris, root powder, cinnamon, allspice, tumeric, patchouli essential oil 


Virgin Veggie Bar

Great for Babies, Vegans and sensitive Skin 

Ingredients: saponified olive oil


From a small log cabin in Alberta’s Willow Valley, nestled against the scenic Livingston Range, Willow Valley Soapworks offers you a healthy alternative to over-processed commercial cosmetics. 

Willow Valley Soap