Lakeshore Watercolours- An Art and Science Exploration!​ 


Kits are made to order- we will be in touch to let you know when yours is available for pickup! 


This Kit Includes:

  • Supplies

  • Curriculum Connections to the Alberta Fine Arts, Social Studies and Science curriculum for grades 1 - 5

  • Vocabulary List

  • Book List for literacy development

  • Lesson Plans

    • Absorption

      • Salty Seas​

      • Salt Lines

      • Walking Rainbow

    • Resistance 

      • Wax Resist​

      • Oil & Water 3 ways

  • Consolidation Project


With the generous support of our donors including FCFS, Joint Council and Alberta Foundation for The Arts we are able to provide these in depth kits for just $20!


Interested in the lesson plans but not the supplies? Digital downloads will be available once the kits have been released. Stay tuned! 

Lakeshore Watercolours Artists @ Home Kit Pre-Order