Rebecca Sarah Deering, at the age of six, begins a lifelong, mystical relationship with Blackheart, a huge black wolf who she is able to communicate with in a spiritual manner. The relationship blossoms while Blackheart lives, then continues even after he dies, their soles eternally locked together. He remains a guiding influence on Rebecca's life until she finally passes on following a lifetime of accomplishment and heartbreak.


This is a tale of profound faith and guidance and speaks to the lost relationships with all other living things that we, as humans, have squandered recklessly. However, Buckskin Girl and Blackheart addresses this in a sensitive and non-judgmental manner. Most of all, it's a story of a single woman's life and how events in that life have a strange and compelling influence on the one person she shares her blood with, yet through circumstance has never met.


About The Authour


Rick Gillis grew up in the Crowsnest Pass in Southern Alberta. This is his second novel, which follows his first book, The Boy Who Couldn't Die a 2017 finalist in the Indie Excellence Book Awards. 

As a journalist Gillis owned and operated a weekly newspaper that served the Crowsnest Pass. The Author currently resides in Lethbridge, Alberta but has returned to his hometown on both occasions to write his novels.

Buckskin Girl and Blackheart

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