Our Classic Watercolours Kit is now available in the shop while supplies last! 

Featuring lesson plans by Katy Panchyshyn our comprehensive kits contain supplies, lesson plans and more.


Interested in the lessons but not the supplies? Lesson Plans are also available for download! 


This kit includes :

  • Curriculum Connections to the Alberta Fine Arts curriculum for grades 1- 5

  • Vocabulary List

  • Books List for literacy development

  • Supplies

  • Lesson Plans:

    • Classic Watercolour Techniques

    • Ted Harrison Value Scale

    • Landscape Painting Consolidation Project

  • Art History connection

    • Ted Harrison

    • Landscape Art with Grant Wood and Janifer Calvez


With the generous support of our donors including FCFS, Joint Council and Alberta Foundation for The Arts we are able to provide these in depth kits for just $20! 

Artists @ Home Classic Watercolours Kit