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Judie Popplewell

Judie Popplewell (nee Vandezande)studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design through  Continuing Education while at the same time,  building her career in marketing and raising her family along with husband Jim.Her work has been accepted in prestigious shows such as the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Western Art Show, The American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington KY, the Toronto Royal Fair, Spruce Meadows Red Ribbon Agrium (Best of Shows 1997), and more. 

Heli Rantala

Heli was raised in Finland and came to Canada in 2013. Heli has always been interested in creative arts. As a child she enjoyed painting ceramics, drawing, watercolors and creating with her hands flower arrangements. She feels that art is about searching, discovery, tears and joy. She currently resides in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Carleen Ross

Carleen's work highlights the hidden colours that she sees which leads to very colourful paintings, that have been described as high definition dreamscape. She also donates a portion of her profits to different animal restoration projects. 

Kari Lehr

Kari Lehr lives and paints in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.  A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, she spent 20 years illustrating for various agencies, studios and corporations around North America. Today she pursues her own vision, working primarily in acrylic, often incorporating mixed media.

Judy Trafford

I was born in Alberta and educated in Alberta and the United States.  My studio is on the Oldman River north of Cowley, Alberta where I work in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.  I am inspired by the southern Alberta environment, and I also paint from my imagination.  My work has been exhibited since 2002.

I like to use images to represent actions and thoughts.  My paintings tell a story.  Painting is an exciting and calming part of my life.  

Janifer Calvez

Janifer's acrylic and watercolour paintings are inspired by much time spent outside in nature, her travels and the people that surround her.

Throughout the years, she has been guided and instructed by many amazing artists through courses, workshops and shared time in the studio. Her impressions of the world around her are displayed in her paintings full of character and whimsy, as she plays with light and colour. 

Sherry Chanin

Sherry primarily focusses on acrylic and/or watercolour painting and is inspired by the patterns, abstractions, and forms found in nature.  She has served previously on the board of the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek and acted as President for one term, and is currently a member of the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC).

Elaine Funnell

Working from life, my watercolour and graphite paintings accurately capture the fine details of the native Alberta plants I depict, blending fine art and science reminiscent of the early botanical illustrators.  While my paintings are depicted from a personal and artist perspective, they are botanical art and must be scientifically accurate and true to the origins of the genre.

Fran Hutton

My interest in art simply arose from the love of nature itself. Growing up on a prairie farm gave me the creative building blocks needed to start on a creative path. The nuts and bolts from the farm shop became tractors and trailers traveling on my roads.  Examining form and function turns into a fascination with color. The nature of color and our interpretation of it, continues to captivate my attention.
Soft pastels have been my medium of choice for the past 20 years. Their vibrancy, tactility and hands on approach intrigues me. There is no drying time, little preparation in color mixing and it has an immediacy in its approach to the drawing process. Coming from the dusty prairie roads, I suppose this medium chose me.

Jessica Marcotte

I love exploring different mediums and styles, from acrylic paint to scratch board to oil pastels. The power that colour has on our emotions and memories inspires me. My subjects often reflect the beauty of diverse landscapes, abstract shape and the female form. My hope is that the subjects and colours of my pieces highlight the beauty in our ephemeral thoughts and experiences we can so easily miss.

Patrick Markle

With his use of smooth swirling line, dramatic light and form Markles work focuses on the rhythm of the natural world and his place within it.  In doing so a spirit of exploration and adventure dominates his paintings and reflects an outdoor based lifestyle which is ingrained in Canadian culture.

Melanie Morstad

One can hardly grow up under the canvas of Saskatchewan’s “Living Skies” without feeling an intimate connection to the vast landscapes that often inspire the paintings of Melanie Morstad. As an active outdoor enthusiast, Melanie’s passion for nature is boldly expressed with colour and an emotional connection.

Jocelyn Thomas

Titles: The Guide and the Client, Mark Twain At Home, Digital Communication: Handsignalling from the Caboose,  How the West Was Won and Lost, Robert Bateman Among Friends : A Tribute,  Canadian Railroad Trilogy: Moment of Inspiration, The Weaver and Her Apprentice: A Life's Work. 

Linda Anderson Stewart

With an honors B.F.A. from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Painting 1990, Linda has worked for the last 26 years to develop her skills, in various media, so she can best express how the natural world's forms, colour and light affect her. 

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