Wooden Tones, an exhibit of Handmade Stringed Instruments by Juan Teran will be showing in the Gallery from September 5th- October 30th with an opening reception on Saturday September 5th from


We invite the community to come experience the craftsmanship of these handmade stringed instruments from Classical Guitars to Violins. 

About the Artist

Jaun Teran first fell in love with guitars from seeing his father’s guitar sitting around the house. It was a Yamaha Classical that he used to sit and play his Mexican ballad songs on. The wide, flat fingerboard of a Classical Guitar is hard to learn on, so he bought him his first electric guitar.  Thus began a lifelong passion for stringed instruments. 


As his musical tastes began to change and develop in his late teenage years and early twenties, a whole new world of acoustic musical instruments opened up to him. Juan had already developed a love for woodworking from watching T.V. shows such as “The New Yankee Workshop” and “The Woodwright's Shop”  growing up. It wasn’t long before his two passions met. 


By this time in his life Juan has discovered Celtic Fiddle and Bluegrass music. He decided that his first handmade instrument would be a Violin. It seemed to him that it would be an easier instrument to build. The next one would be a Classical Guitar in honor of his first experience with his father’s guitars. 


Upon reflection Jaun says “It would seem that I owe it all to my Father. If he hadn’t played guitar, or indeed if he had put it away every time. If he hadn’t bought woodworking equipment and let me use it, then I guess none of this would have been possible.” 


Juans passion for music and musical instruments continues.