In an effort to increase our support of Artists during the current Public Health Restrictions we will be highlighting the work of scheduled exhibitions here on our website, on social media and incorporating works by the artists available for sale into the Gift Shop. We have extended the gift shop to allow for a safer shopping experience. 

The scheduled Gallery Exhibition for this time was

(to hold) by Karen Campbell

Artist Statement

My work is in response to my recent experience of critical illness, transition and recuperation. A range of material investigations circulate around my personal encounters with the medical and social institutions that manage an individual’s wellness, illness and mortality. I am interested in the implications of separating the ill subject from personal and social structures such as kinship, friends, pets and home while immersing her in medical and technological procedures that become surrogate community during protracted periods of treatment and convalescence.

My practice interrogates an expansive and performative art form. It includes working in a variety of formats using non-traditional materials, approaches and tools, while focusing on the process of making as both a material and immaterial pursuit. My work often engages ritualistic or repetitive acts such as scribbling, stamping, pouring, knotting, writing, and frottage, and uses the measure and reach of my own body to define the scale and scope of each work.

The accumulation of my practice is diverse, whether I am responding to my observations when immersed in landscape, contemplating environmental processes, exploring technology, or recording travels and events. In all of these instances my internalized perceptions are given form.

palm prints are formed from a small ball of clay pressed between my palms creating a shell like object molded from my clasped hands space.The remaining artifact imprinted with my palms patterns.The surface is an imprint of the texture of my skin revealing the lines that the pseudo-science of palmistry name life, heart, love and fate lines. The gesture is suggestive of prayer, holding on or gripping. The current installation, handfuls of pieces piled on narrow tables, speaks of gathering, collecting and placement. The quantity on display is a portion of the total amount .

knots, nodes & notions are groupings of works on paper completed over the past five years some are derived from the scroll work and others from using both drafting templates and tools and found objects (bolts, cardboard and plastic packaging circles and ellipses, lids).

The project is an exploration and is on-going.