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Ayla Graham

Oxeye Floral Co. 

Taking an old school art form and giving it a modern twist, Oxeye Floral Co. is a form of pressed flower art made into unique, one of a kind pieces. What started as a fun hobby collecting and pressing flowers, triggered an intense love of color, design and art. Originating with the pressed flower Skull, Oxeye Floral Co. has grown to showcase a variety of images with a little something for everyone. Now available on pillows, tea towels, baby blankets and apparel, we pride ourselves in creating captivating, detailed designs utilizing our passion for nature.

Our mission? To cultivate authentic relationships rooted in creativity

Sara Girletz

Sara Girletz grew up in Oyen, Alberta and currently resides in Calgary. Her work originates from a painting background and today she is currently maintaining a multidisciplinary art practice. 

In her work Sara collects moments and communicates them through the use of gesture, washes, photography, found objects, texture, layers and mark making. A mixture of paint, photo transfers, oil pastel and graphite reinvents her work and keeps it interesting both in progression and final outlook. Whether it be concept, process or material she is always in a continuous spiral of revisiting, renewing, upcycling, subtracting, adding on and retracing. 

Her main selection of work carried at the Lebel is calledhomebody by sara girletz; which is a unique collection of vintage, edgy, upcycled, mixed media art and home decor mainly centered around the motif of houses. 

Stacey McRae

Curator, Ceramicist & Weaver

What I'm focusing on right now is a Secret Garden series using speckled Plainsman clay. I have been using hand carving, drawing, stamping and sgraffito to input pattern and adorn the clay. Through the first firing, the clay still hides the manganese specks, it's only after a glaze fire that the specks show up. I use a white glossy glaze with the intention that both the specks and the glaze will hide the details in the pattern, forming a hidden garden motif on the dishes. Im finding these pieces are a mesh of my interest in the void and my obsession with repetitive motions as a creative process. 

Rose & Oak Design

Amanda Lingwood is the creative director and designer behind Rose + Oak Design; a fibre artist and natural dyer in Calgary Alberta.


Committed to the fashion & design movement supporting ethical and sustainable products, Amanda uses local and ethically sourced materials such as silk, cotton, linen and hemp, to crest naturally dyed artwork and clothing. 


All of her work is made with botanical plant matter, distributed into fabric, leaving behind the beautiful colours and patterns of nature making each piece one of a kind. 

Sharon Simmers

Thing Maker

Sharon loves to work with mixed media.  Her favourite material is probably copper, but she also loves shiny things of all kinds. She “upcycles” second hand store silver plate, brass and copper dishes, jewellery, boxes and other interesting odds and ends. She also uses silver, semiprecious stones, pearls, mother of pearl, glass, lots of wire, acrylic or oil paint and composite board to make all kinds of things of all sizes.

Chris Jones

Small Sculptures

Our images from original designs are sculptured in fine pewter with final polishing, framing and packaging done by hand to ensure you a work of art for generations to come.

Jonathan Legg

Sticks and Stones Studio

I am an artist and educator whose passion for the arts encompasses a range of mediums to express ideas. As you will see in my galleries, my primary medium is stone carving, though I teach and produce sculptural works in wood, cast and precious metals like silver, gold, aluminum, bronze and related alloys, regular, air-dry, paper clay and polymer clays, wire, paper, and fabrics. I have also produced and taught two-dimensional works in pencil/graphite, fineliner, charcoal, chalks, pencil crayon, prismacolour felts, and watercolour, acrylic and gouache paints and computer generated art/design in areas such as drawing, painting, and graphic, fashion, and interior design.

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