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Student Artwork Exhibition - Excitement!

January/February 2022

This work was created during the Fall of 2021 in our Kids Art Room right here in the Lebel Mansion. 

Our classes spent time creatively expressing what the concept of Excitement means to them and have shared their work with us.  


We invite you to get up close and experience the show from all angles, while considering what Excitement means to you. 



Miriam Webster Kids Definition of excitement


Excitement: noun    ex·​cite·​ment | \ ik-ˈsīt-mənt


1: something that stirs up feelings of great enthusiasm and interest

2: a feeling of great enthusiasm and interest : the state of being excited

Frank Crockett- Peak to Prairies - Back Roads to Back Country

March/April 2022

About The Artist 

Frank is a wildly energetic avid adventure seeker, who has grown a passion for the outdoors and all things wild. 

He brings the beauty of nature right to your home with his unique and impressive shots. 

Roads less Travelled cover (2).png

His portfolio has naturally expanded from the wildlife he's pursuing, to the landscapes they live in and the starry skies found above.

Colin Starkevich- The Grassland Series

May/June 2022

Artist Statement

My goal with The Grassland Series is to raise the awareness of the beauty of the Canadian natural Grasslands region and the wildlife that exist in this fragile ecosystem while supporting conservation efforts within this region. Most importantly to me, my biggest goal with this growing series, is to inspire people of all ages globally to search within themselves to discover their deepest passions and unique abilities in life, and to put the two together to make a positive difference in the world around them in a way that is very unique. For me, it is my passion for the Grasslands combined with my unique ability as an artist being brought together and shared with the world in The Grassland Series.

An artist who always continues to push the boundaries with my artwork, I feel I can make my largest contribution to our society and the conservation of our natural world in my life through my artwork as I feel my artwork is my unique gift and I intend to continue to develop and use it to the best of my ability.

“We all are capable of doing great things for this world in numerous ways, it is up to us to discover our strengths and develop them to make a positive difference in a way that is very unique and special”

Ann Mansolino- The Book Is The Land Is The Self

July/August 2022

Artist Statement

In my artwork, I explore the relationship between the internal self and external ideas of place through the creation of handmade books that combine photography, writing, and bookbinding. I am interested in exploring the ways in which the landscape and natural environment can help us understand ourselves – as metaphors for our emotions and psychology, as well as expressions of our more literal relationship to nature and the larger world we inhabit. Through the combination of image, text, and experimental binding techniques in my book projects, I call attention to landforms themselves, the need for preservation and conservation, and the ways that the landscape reflects internal experience.
By taking the time to closely observe, record, and reflect upon the features of the natural world – from icebergs to glaciers to skies to mountains to deserts – we can learn to see ourselves and the land as components of a larger whole, to gain a greater understanding of ourselves, and to respect and preserve the world we are a part of.


My interest in exploring connections between self and place is rooted in my experience of having relocated many times (I’ve lived and worked in six different countries, and just became a permanent resident of Canada in 2020) and traveled extensively through many other unfamiliar landscapes and cultures. The need to orient myself to a place – to understand who I am where I am right now, and to seek a sense of belonging in the changing places I find myself – has long been a significant concern in both my art and my life.

Sandra Lamouche - Generations

September/October 2022

About The Artist 

Sandra Lamouche is a Nehiyaw Iskwew (Cree Woman) from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta and married into the Piikani Nation in Southern Alberta and mother to two boys with braids. She completed her B.A. in Native American Studies from the University of Lethbridge in 2007. In 2021 she successfully defended her M.A. Thesis at Trent University, titled “Nitona Miyo Pimadisiwin (Seeking a Good Life) Through Indigenous Dance” which examines Indigenous Dance as a Social Determinant of Health and Well Being. Sandra is a multidisciplinary creator and storyteller, she is a Champion Hoop Dancer, award winning Indigenous Educational Leader, two-time TEDx Speaker, artist, and writer. 

She has over fifteen years of experience in ten international styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip hop and powwow styles, and the hoop dance. SHe has performed, collaborated with, studied and trained with Indigenous Dance Companies such as "Daystar Modern Dance Creations", Rosalie Jones, founder of Modern Native Dance (Rochester, NY); "Dancing Earth: Contemporary Indigenous Dance Creations" Rulan Tangen, founder and artistic director (Santa Fe, NM); "Compaigni V'ni Dansi" Metis and Contemporary dance with Yvonne Chartrand (Vancouver, BC); "Kahawi Dance Theatre" Santee Smith (Toronto, ON); Jack Gray of "Atamira Dance Company" (New Zealand), O. Dela Arts (Ontario), Raven Spirit Dance (Vancouver). 

"My experience as a scholar and dancer has gained my the recognition of the International Dance Council (CID), the United Nations of Dance, which is the highest authority for dance in the world. I was nominated to be a member of CID by the president of CID himself, Dr. Alkis Raftis, in June 2013 and proudly represented Indigenous dance on an international level. "

Invitational Juried Exhibition

November/December 2022

CNP Public Art Gallery

The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek gratefully acknowledges our ongoing relationship with the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery. You can visit the CNP Public Art Gallery at 14737-20th Avenue, Crowsnest Pass, or Highway 3, Frank, Alberta.


 The Art Gallery is managed by Crowsnest Pass Allied Arts Association, a charitable, non-profit organization providing rotational monthly exhibitions of local, provincial and national art, art programs for adults and children, as well as many special events throughout the year. In the Gallery Gift Store you will find fine art and crafts from over 50 local and area artists.

Click on the link below to visit their website. 

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