Please join us virtually on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 at 7pm for our Annual General Meeting. 

This years meeting will be held online using zoom. If you'd like to register ( it's FREE!) please use the following link




AGM Agenda

  • Guest Speaker Kirby Smith

  • Approval of Agenda and previous Minutes

  • Reports from the Board President, Treasurer and the Executive Director

  • Election of Directors

  • Bylaw Amendment Presentation and Membership Approval

  • Volunteer Recognition 

  • Adjournment 

    A copy of the amended bylaws for 2021 can be found below for review prior to the meeting on Tuesday, April 27th at 7pm.



If you are interested in participating in electing our new Board of Directors or becoming a part of the Board you will need to have your 2021 Membership. Membership is only $5 and can be paid online HERE


Interested in being a part of our Board of Directors? Please fill out our application form and return it to by April 20th, 2021. 




Here are the basics:

  • The Board meets once a month for approximately 1.5 hours.

  • Meetings can be joined remotely or in-person (when we're at that stage).

  • Meetings are run by the president, with the ED's assistance and consist of a quick overview of the business of the previous month, a run through of the things that have come up since the last meeting, and time to discuss new ideas, plans, dreams, your dog, your favourite flower... (JUST KIDDING- that's for after the meeting)

  • If you have an interest in a particular area, like the ceramic guild, children's programming, landscaping, or live music, you can join a committee to make plans, get your hands dirty, and help build our community!

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them- Shoot us an email at and we'll be in touch.